Army bedroom decor

Army bedroom decor, Kids like to have a special theme in their bedrooms to make them one of a kind. Army bedroom decor is an applicable theme that can be used in boys or girls room and give it an army unique style. There are plenty of ideas to make army decor suite any taste as the three color shades in the army pattern can be of any preferred color and not essentially army green.

The beginning of the army bedroom decor can start with painting the walls. An army camouflage pattern can be painted on one of the bedroom walls and a color of the three shades can be used to paint the rest of the bedroom walls. To give an army look all over the walls, a 2-foot wide camouflage strip can be stuck horizontally across all army bedroom walls. Some army bedroom decor settings are made clear in the pictures below the article.

Army bedroom decor can be highly effective with the use of proper army furniture and accessories. A good idea can be to paint the bed and/or the desk with an army color. Accessories such as army posters including army soldiers or tanks are nice for the bedroom decor along with army nets to be hanged over the bed or one of the walls. Just share the idea with your kids and they will definitely have the right concepts to suit an army bedroom decor.


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