bedroom colors for boys

Bedroom Colors for Boys

Bedroom Colors for Boys, Do you want to help your boy to discover his world and his own potential through the way you design his bedroom? Well, when your boy up to the age of 6-11 , he needs to change the way of life, and he needs to break limitation and frustration of early childhood.

Grade-schoolers have a lot of homework, so they need a good- sized desk and a comfortable chair in their bedrooms. You can share your boy in planning the bedroom scheme and decorating the space. This will help your boy to use his talents and hobbies.

You can do that easily by the following ideas, keep in mind that you should elaborate the colors to your boy, and you should put in your consideration the expansion of the bedroom.

Grade-schoolers have a lot of things, so try to keep the bedroom simple as you can. You could use the following colors: light blue and light orange if your boy choose a color like yellow you can swap it to light green, red or pink. you can depend on your boy imagination as he may have something in his mind.

For sure, every color affect our sense. For example:” pink” if you want a bedroom calm and sweet. you will think of the variation of pink. Pink is the ideal color of rest and sleep and it is known as the color of lights of love.

The best way in decorating the bedroom is to make combination between the warm colors and cool colors such as: the yellow, red and orange walls add touches of green, White or blue. Put in consideration not to make color very hot as it could disrupt your sleep.

You can use objects and decorative elements like: head boards, curtains, sheets and carpets. The following pictures will help you.



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