bedroom curtains for small windows

Bedroom curtains for small windows

Bedroom curtains for small windows, Bedroom curtains are very important because these give privacy to the bedroom. To choose a perfect bedroom curtains, you should keep in mind the size and style of the doors and windows. Also the amount of the light is very important when choosing the right bedroom curtains.

If you have a bedroom with a small window, You could use long hanging curtains in way that are extended below the small window. In this way, you can get the feeling that the window is large enough. Using the roman shade is great idea with the bedroom of small window and it can be made of soft fabric. But in the case of the bedroom with a large window, the beauty of curtains depends on the materials. You will need a multiple number of sheets and layers. You can use heavy fabric. If you have arched windows in your bedroom, you will not cover it with curtains. You can fit a long rod on the wall near the ceiling. For bay windows, you can choose the café style curtain.

If you have a French door in your bedroom, The best choice will be the fabric curtains. The curtains material can be made of silk, muslin and sheers.

Also, you can use French polyester voile. It is a wonderful one because it is easy to wash and it diffuses the light in a great way.

There are many ideas for bedrooms with small windows. You can choose white horizontal window blinds to make the window appear larger and wider. Choose the curtains with light colors and avoid using window shades because it make windows appear smaller. The following pictures will show that.

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