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Bedroom Paint ideas, 47 Cool Ideas

Bedroom Paint ideas, The human eye can distinguish about 7 million different colors. Thus when you want to paint your bedroom, what colors will you choose between all these different colors? You may need some help to take this decision, In our site, we provide you some bedroom painting ideas and images, to have a look on it , as it may help you in your choice.

We have tow kinds of colors to paint your bedroom: firstly, we have to know that all colors are made up of three primaries “red, blue and yellow”. Secondly, when combining the primaries, you will get the three secondary colors: Orange, green and purple. Subsequently when combining every secondary color with its neighboring primary color, you will get the six tertiary colors and the familiar 12-spoke color wheel.

There are three rules in bedroom painting ideas:

• Rule one for bedroom paint ideas: Most families use all walls painted in the same single color Reds, greens or yellows. That is called “monochromatic schemes”

• Rule two for bedroom paint ideas: using colors from next door on the color wheel, in the case of red, that’s orange and violet. That is called “analogous schemes”.

• Rule three for bedroom paint ideas: Opposites Attract. Each color has a natural complement on the opposite side from the color wheel, that’s why red and green look so good together. Warm colors have cool complements while cool colors have warm complements. That is called “complementary color schemes”.


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