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Bedroom Painting Designs, 20 Cool Designs

Bedroom Painting Designs, Your bedroom is a very personal place that reflects your personality and that you spend all moments of privacy and relaxation. Well bedroom painting designs help you to get your full relaxation and cozy in an elegant and beautiful area in your home. There are some bedroom painting rules; you have to keep in mind while designing your bedroom.

The first rule for bedroom painting design: is relates to the colors matching with other bedroom items and themes. It creates nice bedroom atmosphere to use the same colors in the bedding drapes and for the accessories including the lampshade and wall hangings.

The second rule for bedroom painting design: is to use the connecting color on the color wheel ,Use the color wheel in painting your bedroom, to be able to make a harmonized combination of colors that refresh your bedroom atmosphere, for example the color red is set next to orange and violet, the color blue has green and violet . This is called” analogous color scheme”

The third rule for bedroom painting design: is the use of colors opposites to create harmony in all settings, for example using black and white together creates a classic bedroom painting design, also using of lighter shades along with darker shades can arrest the eyes. The Chinese called it “Ying and Yang”.


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