bohemian bedroom decor

Bohemian Bedroom Decor

Bohemian bedroom decor is a mixture of stylish and vintage decor. Bohemian decor mainly cheers craftsmanship into a bedroom’s details from all points of view. Although bohemian bedrooms are distinguished by being well diverse, bohemian decor is very well-coordinated to give a carefully designed sense to the bedroom decor. Some Bohemian bedroom decor illustrations are shown in the pictures below.

Bohemian bedroom color schemes are characterized by a main color palette, either passive colors for romantic bohemian decor, or saturated colors such as purple, red, orange, aqua or dark gray for standard bohemian decor. In both cases use contrasting colors for the bedroom’s door, frames, and trims for an exciting bohemian bedroom arrangement. For more bohemian accent to the bedroom walls, one wall can be covered with wall paper or removable decorative wall murals.

Bohemian bedroom furniture is popular in various geometric shapes but all bohemian decors feature artistic and traditional flair. Mosaic chairs and tables, draping rich fabrics, silk or satin pillows with bold rich colors may provide the aura essential to the bohemian bedroom decor. Bohemian decor accessories such as lighting and rugs are important to the overall look. The lighting can be anything that resembles a handcrafted piece while the rug, Persian or European, may serve as the focal point of the bedroom.


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