princess bedroom decorating ideas

Decorating Ideas for a Princess Bedroom

Decorating Ideas for a Princess Bedroom, The dream of every little girl is to be a princess and falls in a world of fantasy and imagination. You can turn your little girl dreams in to reality by using these decorating Ideas for a Princess bedroom, use a royal theme such as her favorite Disney characters, it gives her the feeling that she is a crowned queen.

Wall Decor for the Princess bedroom decorating ideas: choose an appropriate color for the wall painting, the girls favorite colors for painting are like (pink, yellow, lavender or blue). Including your own princess in her bedroom decorating ideas is a very interesting matter for her.

Painting for the Princess bedroom decorating ideas: draw the selected design on paper first before starting to draw it on the wall. Try to draw a castle, an outdoor scene, a banquet scene, a throne room or a favorite scene from a movie, a magazine, or from the internet. Wall figures also consider a favorite idea for your princess. Princess figures are also accessible as the same as wall stick-ons. Hanging posters or framed pictures is also interesting, use gold frames to highlight the pictures. Put a big photo for your little on the wall. Hang a Disney princess costume or piece of the costume on the wall. Of course you have to add a mirror for your little princes to see herself.

Bedding for the Princess bedroom decorating ideas: Use the Comforters, sheets and pillows with a Disney princess themes. Use a lot of princess dolls and pillows that match the chosen Disney princess theme. Hang white or colored mosquito netting above the bed as a decorating idea for your Princess bedroom. Put some Disney princess figures and dolls on her dressers or shelves. Buy her an ornate jewelry box on the dresser and fill it with some crown play sets. Use a glass vase with some flowers in your princess bedroom.

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