Dora the Explorer Bedroom Decor

Dora the Explorer Bedroom Decor, Toddlers love their bedroom decor to represent the cartoons they love. When you have a toddler girl, it is save to use Dora the Explorer Bedroom theme since Dora the Explorer has been a hit cartoon world wide and almost all girls love Dora. Although there are many other cartoons to choose from for a bedroom decor, it is encouraging to choose the Dora the Explorer decor because Dora is a nice role model in this educative adventurous cartoon.

One wall of the bedroom can be used to paint a mural of Dora the Explorer with her friend Boots the monkey. Other walls can be painted with a monochromatic color. To avoid repainting the bedroom walls when your kid grows up, just use Dora the Explorer decor, Dora bed sheets, some removable wall posters and some Dora the Explorer toys with Boots the monkey and Swiper the fox dolls. If there is enough space in the bedroom, you can add a decorative tent to make it more adventurous.

Since Dora is a girl, the bedroom theme can be made more girlie by including different shades of pink and purple. However if your kid have preference for other colors, you can use them too in the wall paintings and still match Dora’s decor because this explorer has all her adventures outdoors and face all kinds of colors in the nature around her. Make the bedroom decor even more magical by hanging letters that spell out the kid’s name. Some Dora the Explorer bedroom decor ideas are demonstrated in the following pictures.


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