feng shui bedroom colors

Feng Shui bedroom colors

Feng Shui bedroom colors, The Chinese believe that the energy emitted out of the surrounding objects like bedroom furniture affect one’s mood. Feng shui bedroom colors will help provide the best mood when chosen appropriately. Picking Feng Shui bedroom colors is not a daunting task when you get to familiarize yourself with the feng shui energy map of your home, to understand the basics of this process. The simplest thing to know is that your favorite colors are the best feng shui colors to use in your bedroom.

Bedroom color schemes usually revolve around three to five color elements. Think of the overall energy of the bedroom as focused on relaxation, thus it is usually recommended to bring the excitement of the fire feng shui energy. The operation of choosing feng shui bedroom colors involves a bit of calculations of your favorite colors against your favorite feng shui décor scheme. Bedroom wall paint embrace most of the color that will be found inside the bedroom, secondary colors must be incorporated through decor and furnishings.

Feng shui bedroom colors perfect for single people is peach and it is said to enhance social relationships. For a married couple, pink is an ideal feng shui bedroom color since it combines the romance of red with the serenity of white. The Chinese tradition stays away from white as a feng shui color especially on bedding since the dead are wrapped in white fabric; however white with drawings of green plants is fine as a refreshing feng shui mix. Check the following pictures of bedrooms designed with the feng shui technique.


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