gothic bedroom decor

Gothic bedroom decor

Gothic bedroom decor, Vampire series, movies and novels have enthralled many of us since the beginning of the story of Count Dracula which is set in a Gothic era. Many teenagers would love to have Gothic bedroom decor to enjoy the immortality given to that style. Gothic bedroom decor is mainly characterized by dimness and some kind of Victorian flavor. Read this article and peek at the pictures below to know how regular Gothic bedroom decor would look.

Gothic bedroom decor can be used to give a frightening atmosphere or a sense of mystery in the bedroom. Hence, you can use skulls here and there to suit the Gothic theme. Skulls can be models of real white skulls, or golden and silver skulls to give a sense of luxury. Extreme Gothic scary bedroom decor would include a whole skeleton hiding in the closet!

Dimming the Gothic bedroom is necessary and can be accomplished with dark velvet curtains to feature the characteristics of that Gothic castle era. Colors used in modern Gothic bedroom decor are black and purple, while more traditional Gothic bedroom decor comes in black and deep red combinations. Gothic decor styles are infinite and can all be found on the World Wide Web.



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