master bedroom addition

Master Bedroom Addition

Master Bedroom Addition, People settle for small houses with few rooms until they can save up for a new bigger house with more rooms and bigger master bedroom. After spending considerable time in the new house and getting accustomed to the area around the house, it can be difficult to sell it for a new one. If you need a bigger house for an extra room, then it will be much less expensive to make a master bedroom addition.

Master bedrooms, like the ones shown in the pictures below, might already come with an addition like a bathroom or a closet. You may use the closet space to install an office or a guestroom with the use of a sofa bed with drawers. If the case was an extra bathroom then you will need a lot of help from a plumber to remove the bathroom decoration for a master bedroom addition like a closet or a guestroom.

When there is no addition such as a closet or a bathroom in a master bedroom, then you can consider building up an addition outside of the master bedroom and connect it to the master bedroom by tearing down a part of the master bedroom’s wall for a door. The master bedroom addition can be used as an entertainment area with a chase lounge or a couple of chairs and a table.


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