Mickey mouse bedroom

Mickey mouse bedroom curtains, All people over the world like Mickey mouse cartoon too much. Decorating your child bedroom with the theme of Mickey mouse is a great idea. There are many ways to do that as I will elaborate in the following points.

The first step you should take is choosing one wall of your child bedroom. Then you should paint a large picture of Mickey. you can paint the trouser with red color and the shoes with yellow color. If you prefer the neutral color, you will use beige color. You can choose red and yellow curtains or any curtain could feature Mickey or other character of the cartoon. You can choose red sheet and yellow blanket. The next step is selecting white bed, dresser, bedside table and changing table. You can paint on these with black, red and yellow colors. Using accessories is a great idea, so you can use Mickey mouse doll or a lamp shaped like Mickey mouse. You can also paint Mickey mouse on lampshade.

There are a set of colors for the theme of Mickey mouse such as white, red, green and yellow. these colors make the bedroom wider and bright. You can use the green color for the floor. You can put image for Mickey mouse on the door. This will be a great surprise for your child. Mickey mouse bedroom will express your child personality. Keep in mind that the dream of your child between your hand. The following pictures will help you.



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