platform bedroom sets with storage

Platform bedroom sets with storage

Clutter and chaos can have severe negative influences on one’s mood especially if they resided inside the bedroom which is supposed to be the unwinding asylum. Bedrooms have furniture that is specified for storage like cabinets, dressers and nightstands. Nevertheless, these furniture pieces might not be enough in a bedroom or even might have no place if the bedroom was limited in size. Decor professionals resolved this issue by designing platform bedroom sets with practical storage.

Instead of relying on usual storage furniture such as cabinets and dressers, now platform beds have storage drawers underneath them. These platform bedroom sets with storage can have small drawers that can fit the bed sheets and a couple of extra pillows or big storage drawers that can accommodate blankets or even an extra mattress in case of sleepovers. In addition to the storage under the platform bed sets, some bedroom sets have end-of-bed benches and/or bookcase headboards for extra storage that is also artistic.

Platform bedroom sets with storage may be ordered as a complete package including matching platform beds, dressers, mirrors, nightstands, storage benches and wall shelves. Otherwise, you can buy each part of the platform bedroom set separately so you can choose the storage facilities that match your needs and takes only the space that your bedroom allows comfortably. Platform bedroom sets with storage are found in many styles from casual and country to contemporary with oriental style.

Since ordering complete platform bedroom sets with storage is less time consuming and more coordinated than buying each piece separately, you can order only the pieces that you require from the sets and still have an amazing package. Make sure that you like the style of the platform bedroom set so you won’t get bored of it quickly. Examine the following pictures of platform bedroom sets with storage for more insight.


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