purple bedroom decor

Purple Bedroom Decor

Purple bedroom decor is gaining popularity such that it is not longer an odd color to consider. The variety of paint and accessory colors available nowadays allows easy manipulation of bedroom decor to suit our favorite color. Purple bedroom decor needs careful matching where only degrees of purples, reds and whites best fit that bedroom decor.

When you decide on bedroom decor you must know exactly the bedroom’s size, the type of flooring, the color of the walls, the amount of storage needed and the amount of natural light reflected on the bedroom decor. Purple bedroom decor is preferably used in big bedrooms unless it was an extremely light shade of purple. As for the bedroom lighting, there is no need for strong ceiling light, just purple lampshades can be enough.

The color of the bedding can be easily changed from purple to any other color for different seasons. However, people don’t usually change the lighting fixtures. So choose side lamps which match the purple bedroom decor and most importantly match your taste. The following pictures feature a very nice collection of purple bedroom decor.


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