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Purple Bedroom Design, 24 Purple Designs

Purple Bedroom Design, We have argued a lot about purple color in the teenage girls’ bedrooms designs, so when we hear about purple, we remember always the teen bedrooms. But in this article we will offer you many purple bedroom designs that can work with all different design aesthetics. As the purple is a relaxing color that expresses on royalty, so it is ideal to add “wow factor” to your bedroom design using the purple. Here are different tips for purple bedroom decorating ideas.

A lavender bedroom doesn’t have to be overly “girly”. You can start off with a neutral room and then add just a spot of color that is still soothing for subtle purple bedroom designs. Avoid any feminine clichés in your purple bedroom design, like ruffles and lace for a more elegant look. An eggplant bedroom can be modern or elegant. The darker color will make it seem more stylish. You can also hang chocolate brown velvet drapes and then install a deep espresso stained floor. You may even use the purple bedroom design in your teenager’s bedroom if she’s rebelling against more youthful traditional colors like pink. Find a shade with a lot of gray in it. You can even paint each wall in the bedroom in a different shade. Another use for this purple color is in the nursery. Try a faint floral pattern on the crib bedding that has a lot of purple and white in it and then choose all white furniture. This can feels you a country, shabby chic or just youthful in the purple bedroom design.

The purple color can also have a Moroccan feel when using in the bedroom design. Don’t use lot of lights in this bedroom. Using dark color paints in your bedrooms walls design will create cohesion. Then throw some pillows on the bed and accessorize with intricate candle lanterns. You may find difficulty in making combination of colors in the purple bedrooms, Try a khaki green tone that will act as a neutral but also compliment purple paint. Using yellow with purple, may seem too saturated to actually sleep in. Instead choose your favorite neutral colors as brown, white, black or even gray; you can add some gold accessories that are better than blatant yellow color. Whether your purple bedroom design will look eggplant or lavender, the most important thing is to make these colors work with modern, country, or teenage decor. The purple bedrooms designs are not used for girls only, but it can also act as a neutral and be paired with more masculine charcoals, navy and chocolate browns to make a balance between purple bedroom items.



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