Romantic Decor Ideas for a Master Bedroom

Romantic Decor Ideas for a Master Bedroom

Romantic Decor Ideas for a Master Bedroom, Every couple likes to feel romantic atmosphere in their bedroom. There are now many romantic décor ideas for your master bedroom that help you for feeling with romance and warmth in your bedroom. Using of soft fabrics, rich colors, old-fashioned mirrors or antiques work and lacy curtains contribute in creating your romantic master bedroom decor ideas.

Purple Passion :

Painting your master bedroom in light pastel purple, with light ceiling create a romantic and elegant master bedroom. You can add also some decorative pieces as silver mirrors and picture frames. Using dark purple bedding is working well with light colored furniture, but, if you have dark furniture, choose lighter pastel purple bedding. Use soft fabrics in dark shades for your romantic master bedroom, if you have a canopy.

Captivating Red with White and Red Roses :

You can Paint one large accent wall in red color, but leave all other bedroom walls and ceiling in white color. Put your bed in opposition to the red wall. Select light bedding color, as pink, white or cream to off-set the red. Hanging a large framed photo of a white rose on the red wall above your bed is a romantic decor idea for your master bedroom. Add some romantic accents such as dried red and white flowers in vases and old-fashioned antiques such as a small vanity table with a mirror for your romantic bedroom decor ideas.

French Cottage :

Painting your master bedroom in light pastel yellow, Install white crown molding, Hang paintings of French country cottages on the wall and fill the room with lovely antiques such as hand-held mirrors and potpourri vases are nice decor ideas for your romantic master bedroom.


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