spongebob bedroom decor

SpongeBob Bedroom Decor

SpongeBob Bedroom Decor, Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? If you already know the answer by heart then you must have a child who watches the SpongeBob Squarepants cartoon whenever he or she finds it on TV. SpongeBob is popular among boys and girls equally and is a very nice idea for bedroom Decor especially if the children’s bedroom is to be shared by a boy and a girl.

The wall color palette for SpongeBob bedroom Decor must be ocean blue as SpongeBob and his friends Patrick, Mr. Crab and Shirley all live in the ocean. Then bedroom walls can be used to draw a mural of your child’s favorite Spongebob scene by projecting the image of SpongeBob scene on the wall, tracing it with a pencil and filling the traced picture with colorful paint. Otherwise, just stick duvets or posters of Spongebob and his friends. If the bedroom walls were kept simple use a curtain having pictures of SpongBob or else use plain yellow curtains.

A SpongeBob bedroom Decor theme is never complete without Spongebob bedding set including sheets, pillowcases and a comforter! Decor bedding can be mixed and matched with various methods to include SpongeBob characters and setting. The bedding can be highlighted with a Spongebob rug placed beside the bed or in the center of the bedroom. Finalize the look of the Spongebob bedroom Decor with accessories like lamps and switch covers and have a glance at the following photos for more inspiration.


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