average master bedroom size

The average size of a Master Bedroom

The average size of a Master BedroomThere is no specific size for a master bedroom. The size of a master bedroom depends on the area you are living at and how the architect already designed it. Estimation to the average size of a master bedroom would be 200 to 250 sq ft or if you want an idea of the dimensions 14×15, 15×15 or 15×16. The smallest master bedroom size will be an area of 13’ X 12′ which is sufficient for the placement of a king size bed along with two delightful nightstands.

If you want a spacious master bedroom, you can find bedroom sizes of about 350 square feet which would have dimensions around 20×17, 19×18, 20×18, and 20×19 etc. Master bedroom sizes above 20×20 naturally exceed above average size to be considered a luxury and should only be put in houses with over 3,500 sq ft of total living space. Different master bedroom sizes and how they are used are clarified in the pictures below the article.

The larger the size of a master bedroom, the larger should the accompanying master bathroom be in order not to serve as a disgrace. Examples for average master bathroom sizes are: for 200 to 250 sq ft master bedroom should have a bath about 10×10 minimum; 350 sq ft master bedroom should have a bathroom about 11×14 minimum; anything larger than 400 sq ft should have a master bathroom larger than 14×16.



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