victorian bedroom decor

Victorian Bedroom Decor

Victorian bedroom decor is the perfect choice for those who want royal sense of majesty into their lives. Victorian decor must be made of high-quality material to express the luxurious appearance. Victorian bedroom decor’s sophisticated elegance doesn’t necessary need the hiring of expensive professionals, with a few hints provided in the article and pictures, a bedroom can be easily transformed to a Victorian beauty.

The focal point of a Victorian bedroom is the bed. It is preferred to get a king or queen sized bed to show off the elaborate details of Victorian decor. A Victorian bed frame is usually wooden, brass or iron with posts in the corners for drapes. The bed covers with multiple pillows must stick to detailed Victorian floral or intricate scenic designs. A large chandelier can be placed right above the bed as a dramatic Victorian decor, especially if it was candle-lit.

Speaking of bedroom lighting, the lighting fixtures should be made of Victorian materials like crystal, brass and porcelain. Victorian bedroom decor is best lit with yellow light rather than white light. The lighting drags our attention to the surrounding bedroom furniture which can include a Victorian chest of drawers made of mahogany or oak with craved brass drawer pulls. Victorian decor can be supported by wooden or marble carved tea tables and a lounge chair embellished with Victorian pillows.

When it comes to Victorian bedroom walls and windows, wall papers with ornate patterns and stained glass windows with bowed curtains were most popular in the Victorian era. Last but not least, a Victorian bedroom must have fitting Victorian accessories such as huge paintings of nature or prominent persons, framed in a brass or iron frame. Miniature decor sculptures of abstract humans or horses can also be placed on bedside counters of a Victorian bedroom prettily.


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