victorian bedroom designs

Victorian Bedroom Designs, 17 Cool Designs

Victorian Bedroom Designs, Every woman likes the feeing of being a queen or princess, since childhood till marriage the woman thinking in the same way. She always likes also to add feminine touch in her home, especially her personal small Kingdome “her bedroom”, Yes the woman imagine also that she is queen and her bedroom is the Kingdome, and her husband is the beloved prince. This woman must have Victorian bedroom designs that provide a very majestic look and feminine feel.

For getting this majestic feeling in your Victorian bedroom, you have to use high quality materials, elaborate styles of each item, and light fixtures from materials like crystal, brass & porcelain and place some romantic candles in your Victorian bedroom design. Choose lampshades that have Victorian patterns like flowered or elaborately painted scenes, yellow light is favorite in Victorian bedroom.

Using a king or queen-sized bed is perfect choice in the Victorian bedroom design. The Victorian bedroom bed should have several pillows, using of Victorian quilts makes your Victorian bedroom design stands out. Wallpaper on the Victorian walls with some flowery patterns is very stylish in your Victorian bedroom design. Use fully adorned drapes curtains in materials of velvet or lace on the windows. Gold molding ceiling works well in the Victorian design. Dark colours are very popular in the Victorian bedroom design, as Dark colours were very pop during the Victorian period. Finally, don’t forget to put matching Oriental and antique rugs in your Victorian bedroom design.



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