vintage bedroom designs

Vintage Bedroom Design, 21 Cool Designs

Vintage Bedroom Design, If you have to mix the traditional furniture style with the modern touch in your bedroom and make your own style, so you selected the vintage bedroom style. Vintage bedroom style is the charming & elegant bedroom style that feels you more comfortable in your bedroom design. To create a very charming look in your vintage bedroom design, you can use traditional iron bed with some retro accessories and warm wall colors.

Using of curved and upholstered furniture in your vintage bedroom design is an easy way to bring an elegant look to your bedroom, also using of a cozy fireplace and a rustic floor in soft pastel colors create a warm atmosphere in your vintage bedroom.

Use some accessories and different shades of colors to add some vintage touches for your bedroom with keeping on your contemporary furniture. Add some accessories such as an elegant crystal chandelier, carpets, curtains, bedding sheets, vases, and tableaux to give a vintage ambience to your bedroom. Retro wallpaper patterns; different colors on the same wall, wallpaper with golden or silver shades also nice additions for your vintage bedroom design.



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