wardrobe designs for small bedroom

Wardrobes designs for small bedrooms

Wardrobes designs for small bedrooms, Usually people who have small bedrooms feel a difficulty in the storage of their clothes, shoes and accessories. But there are many ideas can be used in the small bedroom arrangements problem. One of the storage solutions is the bedroom wardrobe. Now many professionals have designed wardrobes for small bedrooms. These wardrobes are very modern and practical, as it helps you well to store all your needs.

Antique wardrobe design Ideas for small bedrooms

• If you have an antique or huge wardrobe in your small bedroom; remove any other furniture as chests, stools and chairs from your small bedroom.

• Place the antique wardrobe in a corner away from the bed.

• Ask your carpenter to add extra shelves in your small wardrobe and install a solid rod for hanging your jackets and skirts, ask him also to install some hooks on the door of the wardrobe for hanging belts and scarves.

• If your wardrobe designed without any drawers, get two drawers installed with drawer dividers to store lingerie, ties and handkerchiefs.

• To install modern closet shelving system will help you to organize your antique wardrobe in your small bedroom.

Fitted wardrobe design Ideas for small bedrooms

• In case that you haven’t a wardrobe, and you will buy a new one, so the fitted wardrobe is the ideal choice for your small bedroom.

• Use the above space of your wardrobe for storing your items.

• Fitted wardrobe is available in a variety of woods like oak, redwood or maple.

• Fitted wardrobe a very functional wardrobe that helps you in keeping your small bedroom neat and free clutter.

• Fitted wardrobes come with sliding doors that keep more space and give your small bedroom an airy atmosphere. ‘

• Fitted wardrobe can be also custom-made according to your requirements

A compact free standing wardrobe design Ideas for small bedrooms

• A compact free standing wardrobe is a great investment in your small bedroom.

• Paint the freestanding wardrobe in pristine white color to make your small bedroom look neat and spacious.

• Use the light pastel colors like lavender, light yellow and peach colors that matches with your small bedroom walls.

• Use light and cool color scheme for your bedroom wardrobe that makes your small bedroom look larger.

• You can have tow or three doors of the free standing bedroom wardrobe.


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