western bedroom decor

Western Bedroom Decor

Western Bedroom Decor, If you have pride in the American ancestors of the Wild West then you will look to have Western bedroom decor. Western bedroom decor can be easily accomplished by acquiring different furniture pieces that resemble Western originality from second hand stores or some antique bedroom decor stored in your basement.

Wild Western era is distinguished by decor having cowhides selected by cow boys, double swinging doors in saloons and hardwood bedroom furniture made of mahogany and oak. If you start your Western bedroom decor with the bed, then choose a bed frame made of dark brown or beige wood and stay away from exotic colors. The bed’s headboard can be adorned with leather cowhide, or faux cowhide to reduce costs.

The overall Western bedroom look is featured in the Western decor accessories. Common accessories used in that era are longhorns of animals hunted by Western cowboys. Other Western bedroom decorations are chosen from cowboy pistols, spurs, cowboy hats, antique wooden mirror, handkerchiefs and horseshoes. These Western decor items can be hanged on an accent wall or placed on an antique Western shelf.

In order to reserve the Western ambiance in the bedroom decor, use old lighting fixtures with yellow lights that resonate well with the wooden decor. Hang picture frames with black-and-white pictures of cowboys, horses and bars to give a further Western authentic look. Take a look at the following Western bedroom decor pictures and bedroom pictures to choose the appropriate theme to your bedroom.


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